About storage:

Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?
The minimum rental period are 14 days. There is no maximum period – you can rent a unit for years if need be. We do ask for at least two week's notice before terminating an open-ended rental contract.

How it does it work?
Our experienced staff will help you pick the unit size that will serve you best.
The contract is quick and easy. You will receive a personal access code and may enter daily from 6am to 10pm your storage room indeependently.

Transpor aids such as pallet trucks and trolleys are always available on site.

Do you offer insurance and is it required?
Insurance coverage of up to 5.000 € is included in your basic rental charge.
Extra insurance coverage is available at an additional cost. You may purchase insurance from other sources if you choose and provide us with the certificate of coverage for our records.

Do you offer moving services?
No, but we can help you find a local moving company to transport your materials to our building.

Do you sell packaging, boxes and similar storage materials?
Yes. We offer wrap, boxes, tape and many of the other items you're likely to need – all at competitive prices. For more information see Packing material.

Are there any items that can not be stored?
Yes. Illegal goods of any sort cannot be stored in our units. We also prohibit materials that are poisonous, toxic or contaminated, as well as firearms, ammunition, explosives and flammable materials as well as any type of waste materials. Animals and plants are also banned. If you have a question about a specific item, please email us or have a look to our information page Items not allowed.

About payment:

Are there discounts and special conditions?
Yes. We often offer various discounts to attract new customers and encourage renters to pay in advance. Please see our Rates section for current discounts available now. When you call or e-mail us, we'll let you know what additional discounts might be available.

Are there extra or hidden fees?
Absolutely not. The price we quote you will be the price you pay – period.
If you're a commercial customer subject to VAT, then of course we'll have to pass that along.
At the rental no deposit will be charged.

How can the storage rent be paid?
The first storage rent is due upon conclusion of the contract and can be paid cash, by debit or credit card. The following charges can then be paid by direct debit, bank transfer or directly in the store cash or by debit card.

Monthly billing
You pay the rent for your storage box monthly. The settlement will be on 1. of each month. We do not use 4-week payroll, which means you have just to paid annually 12 rental periods. In a 4-week billing you would have to pay 13 rental periods.

About Lagerwelt:

What does Lagerwelt?
We work according to the DIN EN 15696 and rent safe, clean, dry and screened from view storage compartments to private and business customers. The storage compartments are available starting at 1m².

What are your opening hours and access time?
Client access
Daily: 06.00am - 10.00pm