Packing material

With us you will find everything you need for storage:

Bubble wrap
They are used to protect fragile objects. An air bubble film provides a very good protection from scratches, dust, as well as from breaking or moisture.

Transportation blankets
Transport blankets are very versatile. Ideal for safe transport of sensitive furniture, mirrors, moving objects made ​​of glass, televisions or computers. Our removals and furniture blankets help to ensure safe transport.

Wrapping paper
The wrapping paper is ideal for protecting fragile products, glass, dishes, etc. It is suitable for use as packing material and also for wrapping.

Moving Boxes
In our store you will find different types of moving boxes:

• large and small moving boxes
• Books and file boxes
• Glasses boxes
• Wardrobe boxes

For a small fee we also rent racks.

You can also buy Padlocks in various designs from us.

Prohibited items

There are some items we can't accept:

• Food or perishable goods
• Living plants and animals
• highly flammable materials
• Weapons, explosives and ammunition
• Chemicals, radioactive materials
• Poison / hazardous waste
• Smell or smoke secreting substances
• Prohibited substances

For more information please contact us. You can reach us by phone at 089/46138488 or through our contact form.